Can I get a pulse check on Yours, please? I don't think it's breathing and I'm concerned.
I came from Steemit with high hopes for Yours, however I feel that I am crawling around in the dark. On Steemit it was easy to see how many users there were on the platform. If such a metric is available on Yours, I don't know where it is. It was also possible to see how many views your post received, whether people upvoted it or not. Again, if that information is available on Yours, I can't see it. On Steemit, there was a strong sense of community, even if Steemit was most likely a Ponzi Scheme. I don't see any sense of community here, especially in the arts, like in the Fiction category.
Comments are welcome. If I'm wrong about any of these things, please show me the light. I've been on Yours for only a month and I've concluded that this is a moribund platform with very low energy and activity. I'd love to be wrong.

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Yours has had more activity in the past, but at the moment I do not believe user base is tied strictly to the site itself, but because it is tied to the Satoshi's Vision coin (nothing against the coin, just my belief on the drop of use of the site). Memo dot cash still has a decent amount of activity, honest dot cash seems to have about as much activity as here, Steemit though, not sure why one would call that a ponzi scheme, is still the most active community out of all these crypto based spaces I see.
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Think you are correct, Yours is pretty dead right now for anything but the BSV community who read a few posts from well-known actors within the sector.
Don't know how much video content you have in your banks, but Streamanity is worth a try. It definitely has more activity. Again, just like Steemit's early days, MOST of the activity will be centered on BSV itself, but you may find a fiction community there?
I daresay Steemit likely in it's first many months didn't have a community, but it's main selling point was people thought they could get paid by simply being a community member-- mostly from the Steemit faucet. The "investors" of steemit coin were footing the bill-- all those folks who bought the coin on exchanges who never stepped foot in the community or contributed.
So in those respects, Steemit was a figment of the imagination, like a startup which got funded by bad investors, but didn't have a working profit model so died.
BSV is ideal for certain types of content, and I already see it working on Streamanity as I've seen content there you cannot get on Youtube bc the creators have officially left the Youtube community. Over time, this same thing can happen to Twitter and Instagram. But it begins with edge content, and by those who believe in the long term nature and stability of BSV.
In reality, you earned nothing on Steemit, you contributed content and were essentially paid by a crypto faucet, by way of some popularity metrics. That's not to say your content isn't very valuable, but that Steemit was a mirage, smoke and mirrors, no backend to a nice front-end. A pretty girl who's ugly inside.
Even Steemit was a labor of love in the early days, but those who contributed out of sheer passion eventually gained a following such that when the bad investors poured money all over the situation, got paid.
Think of Yours and other BSV sites like Streamanity as a labor of love. You must impress their CURRENT community, gain a small kernel of a following, and thus increase in respect as the community onboards new people. Every religion starts as a religion of one, every party a party of one, every community a community of one.
As Tripper said in Meatballs, if you come away from your first Summer Camp with just ONE good friend, you've succeeded in having a great Summer Camp.
Yours might fail, it's early days. Friendster and MySpace and Dodgeball and many others failed before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat succeeded. Imagine putting in effort on Friendster or MySpace only to have it superseded? painful, but life.
Choose well. The nice thing is, you content is portable, you own it and with BSV that's even more true due to the nature of the secure blockchain and it's immutability. One day you'll find your community, just be sure to bring that first Summer Camp friend with you when you find it!
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