Hey greetings people from "Yours" I have noticed that many people lately are suffering from a super-dangerous disease such as cancer, this time we will start talking about the prevention of skin cancer and share with you some tips to prevent it.
As we all know it is an echo that all human beings are by nature vain, from very young we are taught that care for our skin must be paramount, apply creams after showering, use masks to obtain a baby-like skin; However, most of us do not have the care that is required in depth.
Those of us who live in tropical countries suffer the ravages of the inclement sun, when we go out into the street there are very few people who think about protecting the most extensive organ that the human body has, making us much more vulnerable to skin cancer.
According to the World Health Organization, skin cancer is the most common malignant tumor in humans and this is due to prolonged and intense exposure under the sun's rays, not leaving aside other factors that can trigger it. As a family history of cancer, being a very white person, having more than 50 moles on the skin, redheads, blondes and those with blue eyes are also more prone.
But do not be scared if you meet some of these characteristics, the first thing you should do is to attend a specialist (dermatologist) periodically, remember that early prevention is our best ally.
Tips to protect from the sun:
1.You should avoid sun exposure between 12 and 3 in the afternoon, which is when the rays are stronger and if you can not avoid it, do not forget to always carry an umbrella.
2. Do not leave home without sunscreen with a minimum of 30 protection factor, this should be applied at 7:00 am, 12:00 am and 3:00 pm, reapplying also after showering and without forgetting to protect your lips with balm .
3. Protect your body with appropriate clothing such as long sleeves, hats or hats.
4. Protect your eyes with lenses that have UV protection.
5. Look closely at your skin every 2 or 3 months, if you see any change in your skin, you should be aware of any protrusion, change in color, texture or size that you observe in the moles that you have.
It is very important that all of us lent a little attention to our body is not too follow some advice are always welcome, in our country there are many cases of skin cancer, many unconscious people who do not realize that on our part is away a little of diseases.
I hope that my post has liked many thanks for taking some time to read.


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