Coins4Clothes is the world's first charity to only accept and only spend crypto-currency, namely Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
This BCH-powered charity helps to clothe those in need in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), Canada, via seven longstanding organizations that assist homeless men, women and youth.
The mysterious guy(s?) behind Coins4Clothes is working hard to raise awareness of BCH with every touchpoint, simultaneously promoting adoption and providing a proof-of-concept for charities in terms of transparency, accountability and reach.
You can help by:
  • donating BCH (that will be used to purchase gently used clothing which is then distributed to one of seven charities in Toronto, Canada)
  • donating gently used clothing (if you live in the GTA) or letting others know that they can earn some BCH by cleaning out their closets! (see FAQs on for how to schedule an appointment)
  • volunteering with the coins4clothes team
  • sharing the website on social media platforms and with local media/press
  • p.s. I've heard that you can also donate to coins4clothes via CashPay wallet
(correct me if I'm wrong?)
The un-cryptonized peeps of the world are still heavily using the following social platforms, so if you'd like to help spread the word to family or friends, you know what to do:
@Coins4Clothes (Twitter)

p.s. I shall forward earnings from this post (votes + tips in the next 24 hours) to Coins4Clothes!

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Living proof solutions for world 'problems' are in our hands now.... that is when people get that financial distribution is one of the issues bottlenecking 'trade'.
Imagine when it's freed up, when peer to peer electronic cash can flow to areas of need... maybe *then* the stress will easy so people can think straight??
Let's at least give it a go see what happens?
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