Attracted to Drama
There’s at least one research paper which concludes that the human brain is wired to give more attention to negative information than positive. That has been explained away by some as an evolutionary feature. Our ancestors needed to be aware of carnivore animals that were out to get food, that sort of thing.
Some go on further to argue that these days this instinct is no longer necessary. The brain is attracted and pays TOO much attention to the negatives, overlooking the positives and creating problems.
Purposefully Ironic Moment
What if our biology is still working just fine? Evolution is taking its sweet time to change our instincts because that kind of behavior still serves a purpose?
There are still dangers out there. So maybe, we better be able to instinctively focus on the negatives of say a cliff’s edge and the consequences of falling down than say marvel at the idea of an awesome selfie? Or better still, stay away from bears?
End of Ironic Moment


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