Multiple choice mayhem?
Some of the above? All of the above?
What are your assumptions?

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Who affects bitcoin? A: (a) Who controls bitcoin? A: (b)
The above reality is not going to stop people from trying to figure out some other answer, though. We will always have to deal with "Bitcoinologists" who think that bitcoin can be easily tamed by a simple mental model or analogy.

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Hmm, I'm starting to believe the control is all in the hands of the end user, the consumer. The responsibility is often shifted away to regulations and company policies but in the end we vote and approve with our money.. What you buy makes the world, literary.
In the end when all coins are mined it's about transactions - ergo the end users decide which coin is going to win .. and coins will have to make usability their nr 1 priority. BTC failed us, and it's the responsibility of us users to punish on that - it's the only way to keep our money sound.. I wish Satoshi would still be out there and ditched all his BTC..
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@MindfulConsumer What about those miners though? :)
I guess in the end it's about whether we believe in and use BCH, or not.
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