I am the one who is trying to keep myself motivated daily it is a good thing for me I think and now my full focus is on how to be stay motivated in life without thinking so much. Life is full of inspiring ideas and we don’t recognize them even after when we get some clues on that well that is our fault to lose opportunity but what is a big deal if we lose also find something else.
Today I thought what should I write not for that like articles for others but for myself you know I love to write specially which directly connects from life little- little thing and love to describe them in my ways. I love that I used to do in my daily life. I was so lazy for my life routine and discipline but when I started my writing profession on yours it becomes an important part of my life really I mean it.
Hurry in life instant getting of so many things in life fortunate unfortunate you know I don’t believe I all these thing I always keep myself on the patience categories people. I don’t want too much from my life but yes to express or to share my thoughts with people and yours gave me that opportunity what more I can expect than this it is like dream comes true.
My writing or reading inspiring articles and great writers kept me motivated always in my life whenever I distracted I found best instead of disappointment and yours gave me that best of my life. Through my articles I can share my thoughts with those people who can easily understand just because of they also belongs to the same things what could be the better job for me than this.
I am very glad to post my own thought which gives me more and more energy to write daily just because this is not my 24 hours profession but yes it is very precious for me. I will keep it safe in my life forever. I am very great full to yours.org for giving me such a great opportunity. Thank you yours to keep me motivated.
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**Thank you.**