You have to have serious skills to pull off Daft Punk into Dead Kennedys... and he nailed it!
And that's just the first two tracks... oh my fucking god... if there are more mixes out there like this right now please send them to me! Right now! I need them in my life!
The best DJ's can traverse the boundaries of genre and period with seamless mixing and a conceptual slap in the face. This is the type of mix that makes you want to make music. This is the type of mix that every DJ should work towards because it honors all that is the greatness of popdom while still making an emotional imprint on our souls, and bringing us into the beauty of the unexpected.
A DJ with the natural ability to get a crowd in the place where they want to be while still giving them something new. is a rarity. Cold Cut, Bonobo, Nickodemus, Diplo, and Dorfmeister are the first that come to mind. And as a part of Flosstradamus, Yehme2 has proven an ability to do this again and again. But Steal this Mixtape 3 proves that going solo doesn't mean that he's going to rest on his laurels. He's going to continue to push himself as an artist and I can't say how happy that makes me. I've known Josh now for over 10 years. And having seen so many artists struggle with their voice has been the hardest part watching musicians, who work their asses off and deserve all the successes that come their way, create for a wider and wider audience and , I know I don't have to worry, but I get to look forward to what he does next.
If you like this mix even a tenth the level I do, then be sure and let Josh know.
Twitter: @yehme2music
And tell him that you want him to post his music on YOURS so you can support his creaive freedom!


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Nice! I'm a sucker for mash-ups like this. Reminds me of 2manyDJs and Girl Talk, whose stuff I've listened to so many times that many of the original records now sound wrong to me.
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