One thing that I thought would have caught on in greater popularity by now is (open source) stenography. This can allow people to type at something like 200+ words per minute (WPM), about three or more times faster than an average typist of 60 WPM, by allowing you to type abbreviations of words which are then translated automatically in to words. Such typing also allows multiple keys to be pressed down simultaneously in a "chord", rather than typed one after another, and this can potentially lessen the strain on fingers and be more ergonomic. RIght now one of the most popular open source efforts to bring stenography to the average user is the "Open Steno Project" ( and software called "Plover" ( They have done a lot of good work, although I would expect someone will probably fork the project and try to tweak and improve it (we should have multiple different groups developing these ideas in my view).
I think there is a lot of room for improvement on the current stenography system; popular adoption of open source steno seems to still be in its infancy. It can take a lot of time to memorize the abbreviations of different words and phrases, akin to learning a new language; but again, I think this could possibly be simplified, and you still have the gains of faster typing and a different typing experience altogether. Overall I just want to see more people talking about the subject and testing open source stenography, and we can go from there on to the next best thing. Here is a demo of stenography in programming: What do you think of stenography? Have you tried Plover or some stenography software before? Let me know in the comments!


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Do you think ”voice to text” has leap-frogged steno, in terms of the main stream?
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