I've tried out the scale.cash website for the stress test. It works, but not flawless.
I have gone to https://www.scale.cash/ created a wallet and have sent 2 dollars to try it out. Almost instantly I could see my new wallet balance and started the stresstest.
Than it kind of froze on me. I should have stresstested the stresstest website befor stresstestday :) I went to memo, to find out if others had the same problem. Others confirmed they had some problems with it. Some suggested i could also use the txblaster2 on memo, so i did. Then i went back to figure out wat was wrong with scale.cash because my balance was gone and could see if my transactions could be found on a block explorer. And here they are:
See for yourself.
Conclusion: it does work, but the UI could use some improvement for future stresstests.


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