My friends always tell me that I have a power of attraction with the noble people, I think it is not a power, it is simply an instinct of protection that moves me to help people who are noble and pure of heart.
In this country Venezuela solidarity seems to have disappeared, even though in a few occasions it is known that some help others disinterestedly.
Vicmary is the girl from Barquisimeto who was in one of the Meetups I did here in my city, she did not know anything about cryptocurrencies, and in this interview I made a brief summary of what I wanted to know about her.
this is Vicmary's profile to continue helping her:
Certainly vicmary is one of the noblest people I met, his presence is moving and comforting
Interviews with Successful Youth
Start a new stage of my participation in Yours, I will be doing amateur interviews, with young people from Venezuela who have been successful. I want you to know the talent of my city and motivate the other Yours participants that if you can make a dream in Venezuela.
remember the option of subtitles on YouTube, I hope to have the support and help of you, to find more young people who have business, and because they do not want to accept bitcoin cash as a form of payment.


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