Suicides in Venezuela Another suicide in Venezuela. This time it was the turn of a prominent pediatrician from my city Cumaná, in Venezuela. He was submerged in a deep depression every time a child died in the hospital or every time he was diagnosed with a disease and his parents do not have to buy medicine. This situation, coupled with the growing uncertainty that exists in this country, led him to collapse and take that painful decision. This situation is repeated more and more frequently in Venezuela. the situation of the country overwhelms the citizen in different ways. Many do not have help or are not taken seriously. We are so immersed in our own problems that we do not realize the other's problems. All this situation forces me to reflect on what we can do to help the other. listening is never other. You see, we do not have a medical solution at hand, but by allowing us to listen to the other we can help him on his way to recovery


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