A little reminder that Bitcoin (Cash?) summer will (probably?) come again, but only if we work for it.
I've been a bit derailed by overthinking, confusion, and a couple of other reasons such as briefly being under-the-weather and some extended family commitments. The market does not care about your feelings or excuses though. If you happen to fall off the wagon, just dust yourself off and climb back on. In other words, keep going.
I thought we needed something for the ladies (or uber-confident men) to wear on a shirt, and will let you know when it's available for purchase. (Clockwise from top: dahlias, calendula, bellflowers, more dahlias, poppies, a giant Café au Lait dahlia, and cosmos. In the middle: dahlia and zinnia.)
This doodle is a detour from the main part of my long to-do list, which includes listing art prints for sale on Open Bazaar. (This means I need to calculate shipping costs for the various options which is somewhat tricky but not rocket science.) Open Bazaar does not seem to have a preview mode for making listings like Etsy does. But, no fees!
We have seen so many developments in the last several weeks for Bitcoin Cash that there is now a definite backlog of doodle topics. I'll do my best to catch some up as it appears I need to follow a more regular schedule.

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Salivates at the mention of OB listing
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@im_uname Thank you for your patience. I'm almost done calculating shipping rates and overthinking.
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