Summoning of the Wereclown
They’re NOT something to laugh about
It was a dreary night. The stars could not be seen, the moon barely shined, and the freezing touch of winter turned human breath to a hazy fog. And for Michael Macabre, it was the night of visiting his most dreaded kind of place; THE CARNIVAL, a carnival/circus to be precise. Michael HATED the carnival. All that goofy makeup, the trashy losers who had the lowest of self respect in order to work there, the overwhelming colors and sounds, AND THE CLOWNS! Oh the clowns! Michael hated clowns, but he didn’t have the humbleness to say they made him uncomfortable. Unfortunately, he and his relatives were going to a popular carnival circus show. As with most family gatherings, there was no way out.
After a boring, yet overwhelming time at the theater, Michael yearned to go home. Yes it was finally time, maybe even Michael could admit that his time at the circus wasn't so ba-”Oh Michael, do you think you could take Caleb to the bathroom?” said his sister. “Oh uh, sure, Mary” “Thanks Michael, I’m just a little preoccupied”. Now wasn't this a fun situation. Michaels plans to escape while the others were conversing had been ruined!
Michael searched for the bathroom, wishing he could just leave this overwhelming stimulation and be done with it. “You seem upset” said his nephew, “Well, I just don’t like circuses” “Why’s that?” “Well, it’s so loud, and bright, I guess it’s just annoying” “And the clowns?” “What about the clowns?” groaned Michael “You don’t like them, do you?” “Right, I REALLY don’t like clowns” “Why?” “Everything about them, their stupid red noses the ugly outfits and goofy makeup” Michael was oblivious, but a large figure seemed to be coming towards them “That creepy white face paint” “They look absolutely hideou-”WHAT! Was that about, clowns?!!” Said a red nosed, ugly outfit and goofy makeup wearing, white face painted clown!
The clown had bright red and curly hair, that poofed up in an afro that trailed downward wild and long. His skin was the clearest of white, you couldn’t see any suggestion that he had normally colored skin underneath. Even the top of his head covered in hair was clearly white, and the skin going into his ears and nostrils as well. His nose was a bright red, just like his hair. It didn't look painted on nore did it look plastic or rubber. It was bulbous and shiny, but it looked like part of his face. His red lipstick was completely on point and didn’t smudge, or show cracks of normal pink lips. His eyes surrounded by purplish eyeshadow that made it look like he hadn’t slept for weeks. And his suit looked custom made, elegant but goofy and laughable. This was unlike any other circus clown.
Michael said nothing. Other clowns were clearly human, this one so realistic and precise. He couldn’t be human, could he?!! “Right in the middle of a carnival; and not afraid to badmouth everything about me” hatefully purred the clown. “oh don’t take it so personally, red!” Michael was fired up! But then cooled down more than quickly “um, sorry I, I-”I THINK I WILL” furiously interrupted the clown now in his real, non-clown voice. Caleb stepped back, frightened. Then the clown returned to his goofier, less menacing voice. “If you have a problem with clowns, please do take it up with me” “No thanks”. Then the clown snapped. “HOW’D YOU LIKE A SWIFT SOCK IN THE FACE!!!” Then the clown ran towards him, about to punch, when Michael took out a can of pepper spray, and pushed the trigger.
Pepper spray burned all over the clowns face as he screamed in agony. Michael shivered with disgust. When suddenly the clown opened his eyes, and wildly growled at Michael. The clown raised his hand, with his fist clenched. Michael began to step back. Then, the clown opened his pale white hand, yelled at the top of his lungs, and a blast of light and sparks charged towards Michael as fast a lightning bolt!!
Everything was black. Michaels body was lying on the ground, deprived of sight as his hearing quickly faded. Then, the clown stood there for a minute, laughing like a sick maniac, then left.