When Michael woke up, the clown was gone, and so was Caleb. Michael could hear his nephew running off to tell his family what had happened. Despite that, he got up in an odd daze, and wandered off into the woods. If Caleb had stopped to see Michael’s body instead of running away out of shocked fear, he would have seen that his uncle had not a single burn, bruise, or scar anywhere on his body.
As the drunkenly entranced Michael walked through the woods, his family (Despite doubting Caleb's proclamation) all rushed over to the site of the completely ridiculous “fight”. “Wha- where’s Michael!” cried Michael’s sister. “I told you!” said Caleb. Completely shocked by this, Michael’s sister yelled “Be serious with me!! Your think this is the time to say things like that!?”. “Marilyn, it’s just a joke” said Caleb’s father. “No it’s not!” said Caleb. And they continued arguing.
As Michael continued walking, a police officer came up with a flashlight. “Sir, what are you doing out here?” said the officer. “I-I’m walking home s-sir” “In the middle of the woods?” “I t-think it’s the quickest w-way” “License please” said the police. Michael gave the officer his license, and then took it back. “Mr. Macabre, you’re intoxicated, you need to go home” “W-what do you think I’m t-trying to do?!” said Michael angrily. And without acknowledging the cop, he continued walking. When the officer tried to grab him and pull him back, Michael punched him in the face with more finesse than any drunk person, and quickly walked away. The police was about to grab his taser, but then decided to grab Michael’s arms and hold him down instead. Suddenly, with more strength then he ever had, Michael pulled his arms back, got up, and knocked the police to the ground, a stern, unmoved expression on his face.
Eventually, Michael made it to a familiar wooded area. Somehow, he know how to get all the way from the carnival to his neighborhood. He walked through his neighbor’s backyards, and made it to his own. But the door was locked. He stumbled over to his back door, and began to pull on the door knob. Yes, his house was very old and very unstable, but it was a very improbable feat when Michael yanked his door knob, and pulled his shaky old back door clean off! He then went up to his room, without turning on a single light, and laid down on his bed. His stomach didn’t feel good, his drunken feelings were getting worse, and he started to feel a sharp pain in his body. It felt like he was having the worst growing pains of his life. Parts of his body started vibrating, and he yelled in random anger. He went into the bathroom, and looked in the mirror for an undefined reason. And he started to sweat. As he groaned, his voice started to crack. And then! His sweat started to steam up!! Michael’s skin turned pale, and his nose blushing red. He felt the vibrating more intensely as he uncontrollably inhaled, without exhaling.
All the steam emerging from Michaels skin pores transformed into colorful, glowing smoke!!! His whole body releasing magical toxin, he felt the vibrating more intensely, and his nose started to swell. Then, his skin turned entirely pale, and lost all color. His hair quickly grew, flowing like water and then stopped! And his lips became bright red! Faded green formed around his eyes! And the smoke began to fade, starting with his head, and ending with his feet. Then Michael took a deep exhale, and looked in the mirror to see that he had become, A CLOWN!!! He looked down at himself to realize that he was wearing his own clown outfit.
He panted, completely exhausted. And frowned and growled. Then, his growls turned into a maddening laugh. He then darted down the stairs, and crashed out the screen of his back porch. He ran off into the woods, and then stopped. He saw the policeman from before running towards him. “Stay where you are!!” said the cop, and he flashed his flashlight in the clown’s face. “What? What's going on!? Identify yourself!” yelled the police in confusion as soon as he saw Michael’s newfound clown form. The clown didn’t reply, but instead ran towards the officer. The police quickly grabbed his gun! And was immediately interrupted by the clown knocking him over, and smacking the gun away! The clown grinned, and knocked away the polices taser as he began to take it out. He pinned the the officer down, and leaned in a little closer. “HELP!! HELP!!! I’m being attacked!!!” as the police talked through his walkie talkie, the clown opened his mouth, began to breathe colorful smoke, released a light from his mouth and! “REQUESTING IMMEDIATE BACKU-”.
The police officer’s body was nothing but sparkling ash.
The End

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Great. One more reason to hate clowns.
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I like the idea of were-clowns, growing an army of themselves like this. It would finally answer the age-old question: Where do clowns come from? Who in their right mind would ever choose to be a clown?
That said, some constructive criticism:
(1) You need to split up your paragraphs. In particular, every time a different character speaks you should start a new paragraph. This is a pretty hard-and-fast rule in all mainstream fiction, and makes for a much, much easier read.
(2) Use fewer exclamation points. The maximum should be one per sentence and on average less than one per paragraph. I realize you're describing an intense scene in which characters are yelling and freaking out. However, you can express this just as effectively without exclamation points. Compare:
(a) "Stay where you are!!” said the cop
(b) "Stay where you are." The cop barked his loud, authoritative warning, but the rising panic was obvious from his tone.
Still, I hope you keep going... Whatever happened to the original were-clown? How do you kill a were-clown, anyway? Does silver do the trick, or are their vulnerabilities more esoteric?

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