Ronald came home from work in his autodrone, landed in the yard. He looked at his neighbour’s fence. He was fed up with seeing it there. Really, really fed up. Angry, rather. It was on his property. He went over.
-Hey Jack! Get that fence off my property!
-That’s not your property, Jack answered nonchalantly and left.
Ronald was boiling with anger. He couldn't sleep. He went out with his hammer and saw and moved the fence. The next morning he woke up by the door bell.
-What the hell happened to my fence, you imbecile?
-I moved it.
-Well, I'm moving it back.
And so the days went by. The fence was moved back and forth, back and forth.
One day Jack was moving the fence again when Ronald came home.
-That's it! He jumped out of his drone even before it touched ground, ran over and punched Jack in the face.
-Why you little... Jack punched him back, several times. A fight broke out. A cloud of arms punching and legs kicking moved back and forth over the grass, wood flying around as they passed over the fence.
Soon they were both lying on the ground, exhausted.
-I have an idea! Ronald said through a toothless mouth. -Let's ask the neighbourhood blockchain about it.
Jack gave Ronald his phone, he couldn't use it himself with his fingers broken. They sent in the problem. The message went out on the chain, and the solution was processed by computers and minds working together, digging through history and data, calculating at extreme speed. After a while the solution was clear.
-Well, what do think? Ronald said, holding the phone up.
-Whatever it takes.
The phone said: Forget the stupid fence. Then you'll both have a bigger yard.