Many of us found Bitcoin SV because tech is our passion. BSV community has plenty of tech smarts. As to what people are doing, BSV world has got memes and our own mini twitter networks. These are relevant to sustain engagement. However, the BSV ecosystem has not been able to draw in many new people outside of us techies. The user base of BSV has been growing at about 1000 users a month. This is orders of magnitude too slow. Builders are not spending enough time thinking about other people's passions that will help them feel more connected to this technology. People need to be inspired into joining in. Tech will only inspire a few percent. What about everybody else?
Mass media, music and fashion have widespread passionate audiences. Tech is at the root of building but we must always think in terms of the user connection. Where can the user connection be maximized? This is where these ingredients of inspiration become so important to focus on. Yes, these ingredients are needed to put into content. But these ingredients are more necessary in what we choose to build. In my prior articles I have been discussing the connection we can create between music artists and fans by building things that were not possible previously. Similar new possibilities are waiting to be discovered at the intersection of fashion and celebrity. Look at the people on twitter who have 50M to 100M plus followers. This is the path of inspiring people to want to become connected to Bitcoin SV. So be a Passion Maximalist, rather than just focused on your passions. Everybody's passions are in need of being embraced by the ecosystem.



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