Tonight I was watching this interview of Elon Musk talking about Tesla and it got me thinking. What if instead of taking the company private, they did an ICO? They'd need a white paper obviously, so I googled what's in an ico white paper and found this article and used it as my guide. (
Remember, this is a joke, so if I have anything in here that is spectacularly misguided, which I'm guessing I do, don't be too harsh.
Company Information
Tesla was established in 2003 and is based in Palo Alto, California. We are a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles.

The Products

Currently we sell the Model S, the Model X, and the Model 3. We also have the Tesla Semi and have future plans to build a new roadster and a crossover vehicle.


The chairman and CEO of Tesla is Elon Musk.

Target Users

Our target users are everyone.

Problem vs. Solution

To build electric vehicles that are friendly to the environment with great design and performance at various price levels.

Competition in the market

Lots of competition, but we are the market leaders.

Token Value

Each Teslacoin token will offer one voting right in the new Tesla. After the ICO, a vote will be taken to determine the frequency of board meetings, and then in each subsequent board meeting major decisions will be put to a vote. Those with the most votes will have the most sway on such decisions. Teslacoin tokens will also entitle owners to future shares in the company's profits, either in the form of dividends, or in the event of a sale, or buybacks.

Token Distribution

At the current price of $323/share the market cap of Tesla is $55 billion. At $420/share, the market cap would be approximately $72 billion. Current Tesla shareholders will have the option of converting each share to one Teslacoin, or being bought out at $420/share. The goal of the ICO is to raise funds to buy out each Tesla shareholder who wants to cash out.


The roadmap is simple. Tesla will continue to build the best vehicles for the planet while ushering in the future of transportation.

Use of funds

Funds will be used to make Tesla no longer a publicly traded company and be forced to suffer at the mercy of the SEC.

Terms and conditions

Don't be a jerk.

Diagrams and statistics

In conclusion
Don't forget about the flamethrowers.


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