Good August 31 was operated to perform the operation of the small tumor that I had in my right ceno, thank God everything came out excellent and send a biopsy to identify if it is malignant and if you can continue to present this type of tumors or not yet I made the payment since I do not pay how to pay on Monday I must attend a consultation to see what treatment they send me.
As I said before I am a teacher I have 3 children I need to recover as soon as possible to get money and feed them I am a part-time baker I have a tortilla business does not generate much but helps me for my children's food, I have rest for a few months I will not be able to make cakes for the moment I will be in bed THANKS to all those who really helped me I never thought that I could get something with this medium but I have realized that the people of this medium are different.
Please I hope you help me and if you can leave me a post where you can read about cryptocurrencies I have the idea of ​​accepting bitcoin cash in my business as payment but I still do not know how to sell this money to bolivares because I teach a friend the same one he told me I could accept bitcoin cash in my business but I do not understand as if they leave me a post where I can read and intrude, I would appreciate it with a big heart.
Here I give you the photos of my operation and what they extracted me I hope I can get help for my medications and biopsy
Excuse my english this is translated with google translator


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Its very easy to setup to accept BCH, you can go to, download their wallet onto your mobile or ipad, and people will be able to pay you directly in BCH, how you can sell it for your national currency, I don't know, hopefully someone from Venezuela knows and can you out with that one.
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En que parte de Venezuela vives? Yo podría ayudarte a aclarar dudas sobre como cambiar los BCH a bolívares, y como empezar a aceptar BCH en tu negocio. Contáctame en twitter: @BCHAcarigua
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