I would like to take a minute and thank all of the Bitcoin Cash protocol developers. Everything we do is based on their work.
And I realized something today. They have the most difficult job in Bitcoin. Not just because of technical reasons, but because they are forced to deal with development politics.
To put in perspective what I mean: I've been able to enjoy the freedom of permissionless innovation. I can do whatever I want on projects like ChainBet or Electron Cash or whatever, and nobody bothers me.
In the last few days I started thinking about the token issue. If I want to try to build a solution that doesn't need a protocol change (and I'm actually thinking about that), I don't need anyone's permission. I can work with people who want to help me, and ignore everyone else. That's what permissionless innovation means.
Protocol developers do not have this luxury. Those that want to modify the protocol have to convince the other developers (or perhaps the miners)...and those that see unwanted changes being proposed need to stand against it.
Since people have different opinions, this means conflict with others is an inevitable part of the job. It's something I haven't recognized and don't think many people have, let alone thanked them for dealing with it.
It's something to think about before you criticize any BCH dev for proposing changes or not accepting someone else's changes. My hats off to the protocol developers. Thank you for everything you do, both in and out of the code.


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Well said! The most under appreciated people in Bitcoin development.
   1wk ago
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yes Jonald you are right and thank you for pointing it out. how to best 'tip' or 'reward' protocol developers for the work they do? I'm indirectly benefiting from the release of op_return and realise there are difficult decisions to be making.
Do you know of ways that can end users support their work as decisions are made... I'm thinking something like 'voting'?
hhhmmm perhaps this is a use case for the money button, that funds are automatically divided out to the creators as the function they created is utilised??
   7d ago
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Someone have a link to usable Colored Coins (unchain) example (in OP_CODES sense).
I mean, it was touted that BCH is enabling Colored Coins but no dev material is really available.
   4d ago