Hello community, I hope you are all very well, today I bring you a different post, a post that I see necessary, because this platform has given me a lot.
About a year ago I joined this great platform and the truth was that I had not the slightest idea of how important it would become for me. I uploaded my first post which was my presentation and to my surprise this had a great receptivity on the part of several users.
I could not believe it to tell you the truth, I felt very happy at that moment because I was just being myself and that was more than enough to be emerging little by little in this community.
I think that's the great thing about Yours.org, you have the freedom to upload the content that you like, you decide it's good and it's not so good for your profile and with the passing of time you're creating an image, you're getting followers which appreciate and enjoy your work.
And that's what I did, every so often I was here thinking that it would be great to share with you, learning more and more about the functioning of the platform and trying to help those people who were new to this community.
Thanks to Yours.org I managed to improve my economic condition, which was very critical at first for problems which I have already commented in my previous post, little by little this was getting bigger and bigger until you reach a point where Yours.org became my only source of income, this was wonderful for me because I achieved my goal, to be able to live doing what I like.
Through this platform I have met wonderful people, I have learned the value of words, I have received help when I have needed it most and of course I have expanded my knowledge greatly.
Being honest, I am very grateful for everything I have achieved and I hope that each and every one of us will achieve more and more in this community, I wish you the best.
Great things are coming, God bless you!
To finish the post, I would like to personally thank these people who have been very helpful not only for me, but also for many people on this platform, eternally grateful to you.
@-ED- @RyanXCharles @mmpegasus @SatoshiDoodles @Imkeshav


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Thank you - Keep up the good work!
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