A simple idea: I just started getting in to this habit naturally a while back, but I'll dub it the "subtractive method" of reading, for this post: I enjoy reading by copying articles and highlighting and reading paragraphs and deleting them one at a time. I feel this way of pacing the reading makes it more manageable; staring at a book that goes on and on feels overwhelming, and I like to delete what I've read - keeping it around feels like I still have that stuff weighing me down (of course, I make an extra copy of the text file if I want to keep it for a future "subtractive reading" session). If I do have a book, the best way I can implement the "subtractive method" is to put move a bookmark paragraph by paragraph. As they say, "yard by yard, life is hard; inch my inch, life's a cinch!"
I have also been wondering if there is some more optimal format to organize books for reading - when pages sprawl, it can seem more difficult to follow then when there are paragraph headlines and paragraphs are broken up in to chunks to visualize and read through chunk by chunk.
I have seen some exotic methods of reading like the Spritz method which shows one word quickly after another and you don't have to move your eyes at all (they argue this can allow you to read faster). I ultimately didn't stick with it but do believe there must be ways to improve reading speed or learning.
What do you think? How do you like to read? Let us know in the comments!


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