Hangzhou, June 1, 2018–—100+ coders, developers and brightest students spent three days collaborating with famous economists and industrial players from Bitmain and BTC.TOP on building BCH-based applications. The weekend resulted not only in mere prototypes, but in a groundbreaking future.
Organized by the BCH community and Chongqing TED.CC, a blockchain-only video website, the BCH GEEK contest was set to be the first massive hackathon in China. Actually Bitmain sponsored about 50 BCH to make the event happen. But they refused to take credit. They even asked not to put their name on any posters. Huge thanks to them!
More than 11 teams of developers applied to attend the event. Participants from over several Chongqing universities as well as industrial players from Viabtc and other blockchain companies travelled to Hangzhou to compete.
In addition to 72 hours of hacking, BCHGEEK also featured talks and workshops from industry leaders and venture capitalists.
Edward Liu, co-founder of Bitkan introduced some of the new BCH-based applications like Cointext, memo.cash, etc. He is an early bitcoin adopter who started mining in 2011. Edward left Bitkan earlier this year and now focuses on promoting BCH in China.
Jiang Zhuoer, founder of BTC.TOP, reminded us that the market is still bearish and we shall not be too optimistic. Oh, one more thing, he added that BCH will probably overthrow BCE (Bitcoin Core) in the next stage(3 years, maybe). Jiang explained that Lightning Network will be proved to be against economic principles. He added that freedom is justice and trade brings wealth.
Andrew Fai, CEO of OBITO. IO, introduced how he and his team plan to tokenize and store anything of value in the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.



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