As we all know about the fork of BCH on November 15 resulted in the creation of a new currency, whose currency is what we use now in yours which is Bitcoin SV (BSV). But where can we keep our new coins? These are the best wallets (according to my opinion) to save BSV.
Handcash has a very simple interface to use and also allows us to create a $handles which makes it much easier to send money to a friend or contact.
Centbee just like Handcash has a very easy to use interface and it allows us to add contacts to make it easier to send money to a friend, it has several languages ​​including English and Spanish, it allows us to know the value of BSV in almost all fiat currencies.
This post was created by me: @diegohernandez With the intention of helping and informing. Thank you for reading.
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I'd add CashPay Freedom to the list!
I like Centbee, the only issue I have with it is that it requires a phone number. So having it on a sim-less phone is not an option.
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