There is a mistaken notion among Crypto Communities that by simply keeping Bitcoin Core (BTC) will get you rich. They advocate HODL, a term they used to promote holding the coin instead of using it with the hope of selling it later at a higher price. This is False.
What they are not telling you, is that Bitcoin Core (BTC) functionality was already capped at 1MB size. An 8-inch disk in 1977 can already contain a transaction of this size. How do you expect transactions to accelerate when you limit its capacity? And so, the promise to get rich quick was designed to progress their case. In reality it is an empty promise unable to contain the transactions of the world.
Bitcoin is an Economic System where its real value is derived from its economic activities. And the only way this economic incentive will be realized is through the volume of its usage.
The Real Bitcoin lives on as Bitcoin SV (BSV). With it's massive scaling program, it is designed to contain all of the worlds data. Based on a use case system, it promises NO "Get Rich Quick" Scheme. Instead, it enables everyone to trade and develop something beautiful for the world to use. Transaction volume follows.
Don't follow the price, follow the development. Price begets Crash. Development begets Boom.
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Making the naive, greedy and stupid masses HODL will allow crooks to sell their bags (like Charlie Lee did) if and when next FOMO kicks in... and tons of people will get burned.
Quite frankly, I hope to see a massive public law suit against all BTC/LN promoters which YouTube is full of as they are literally scamming people.
   2mo ago