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The Broken Woods:
"Do we really have to do this?" asked Mathew from inside the tent. The three boys had just been dropped of at Broken Woods Camping Site by Jack's parents and were watching the car drive down the mountain road. "If you are so scared why did you come?" said Jeffrey. "I had no choice, my parents said I had to be outside more" Mathew replied.
"What is it with this place that creeps you out anyway, its really nice out here." Jack asked. "Its just the way it feels at night" Mathew said in a quiet voice. Jack and Jeffrey both broke out in laughter. "No I'm serious!" mathew protested. "Just come on and help set up the other tents, and then we'll roast some marshmellows over a fire." said Jack. Soon after they said goodnight and drifted off, except for Mathew. The creaking of the old trees in the wind, and the silent, almost scared chirping of insects kept him awake.
Then suddenly a long, low moan swept across the forest. It filled the whole air, but it was impossible to say where it came from. From a dull murmur it swelled into a deep roar, and the stopped as suddenly as it started. "What was that?" said Jack, wide awake now. But before any of them had time to think about it another sound was heard. It was the sound of a woman screaming. "That's the other campsite" Jeffrey exclaimed. He stood up grabed a flashlight and ran to help. As the other boys reached the campsite they found Jeffrey talking to an elderly couple who looked like they'd seen a ghost.
Jack asked them to tell what happened, and what the couple said sent a shiver down his spine. "We were woken up by a sound that reminded us of a hurt dog and we were worried that our dog ceasar was hurt. As soon as we sat up through the side of our tent we saw the shadow of a horrible beast, who's outline looked like a dog but three times bigger than any we have ever seen." "When it left we went out and our ceasar was gone." They concluded. Without a seconds thought Jeffrey replied, "We'll find your dog" he exclaimed. He looked at his friends for approval, Jack nervously nodded his head, and Mathew was to scared to say no.
As they set out to find the lost dog Mathew came to his senses. "Why are we doing this?" he asked. "You two don't seriously believe that old couple that there is a shadowy figure who carried off their dog do you?" Jeffrey scoffed. Mathew shook his head yes. "I don't know what to think." Jack replied. "I just want to find the dog, then go back to our tent." he said. Just then a low growl sounded infront of them. Then it got louder, and louder, untill it was so loud they could barely hear. The boys ran as fast as they could, untill the growl died away, far in the distance. "I think we may be lost guys" Mathew said nervously. They were standing on top of a large hill over looking a clearing in the forest. jack spinned around looking for a trace of the campsite, but what he saw was much worse. Down the hill, limping through the clearing was ceasar, obviously hurt. Before they could rush to help him they saw something else, a terrifying shadowy creature with eyes streaming red flame, running on all fours chasing the little dog down at supernatural speed. It barreled into ceasar, and then, with a small wimper and a chilling howl, both were sucked into the night.


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