The world was on its head, a legion of dead, demons and abysmal beings,
march through the villages decimate
the population, one by one the peoples fall into their hands.
A few hours from the palace, a small city resists the invasion, the country of mist or hazy as they call themselves, they are an ancestral people with deeply rooted traditions. The misty ones are a race of grayish tabby cats, they settled in the southern stops. This place offered them a natural refuge, all the time there was a haze so intense that you could not see your own nose, it never faded, but on the contrary there are days when it was more intense. Thanks to this they were able to build the Gala "The jewel in a rough language", a citadel destined to be a link with the spirit world, the ancestors could speak with more strength inside the Gala. Directed by the Chaman Alisa "The great mother", at a young age the spirits called her for training, awakening her crimson eyes at a very young age, a rare case for her people, as they usually woke up at an adult age .
Mother Alisa discovered it when a Xabrandred ventured and went deep into the mist, managing to sneak away as much as possible, until he reached a small clearing where Radztla and several children played. The Xabrandread a scaly creature like that of a lizard, quadruped, long-tailed tail, very sharp claws and very sharp fangs like daggers. The creature threw itself at the little kittens, his hunger impelled him to enter the haze n look for food and he found it, l Xabrandred attacked quickly when he saw the little ones he did not think about it, he caught a kitten for the leather he was going to kill, seeing that Radztla was throwing on the keyboard as loud as he could, sending it away from the children, the young kitten shouted to his friends to run while the creature fixed him as his target to the little pussycat. Thanks to this, it would give them time to run and save themselves. An unequal battle thought, the creature attacked with fury the small, he was not a rival, his blows were too weak to cause considerable damage, but he was satisfied, except for the lives of his friends, the rest no longer mattered.
But even so, he was not going to give it a go, to do everything he could to avoid it and hit one or another blow, but it was not enough, the creature was heading from a tack on his side to the floor, placing his claw on the kitten for finally Give him a big bite and be able to devour him calmly. The creature began to play with it for a while it delighted to be able to eat something so tender. After a while and the little one almost did not move, he pulled out his claws fitting them little by little, the little one felt that life was going away, opening the jaws the being prepared to finally devour him. A red liquid ran through the eyes of the little kitten, the smell was unmistakable, it was blood, the kitten was bathing in blood, his only consolation were his friends, suddenly the creature was suddenly pulled back, glare red eyes looked at the kitten " Are you feeling well? Where did you hurt? "You hear them repeat," I think I'm fine "replied Radztla," The creature care! " Shout Radztla, impressive that thing still had strength and wanting to fight the feast was worth it, Alisa turned around furious "Nobody touches my children!" And that thing dared to enter the mist and worse still hurt one of their children. He gave him a claw that bolo his jaw with a single blow and took a great bite in the jugular splitting the neck of the beast, that callous being as if it were a very heavy sack inert in the earth. Alisa went back to see how her pussycat was, a pair of crimson eyes saw the kitten, "Are not you afraid?" There are few who see me with my Lux and do not get scared.
From that moment Alisa trained him personally, his courage was wonderful, he created a great guardian.


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