The crisis of the century. The end of an era of financial capitalism. (Ignacio Ramonet) The writer Ignacio Ramonet, is a prominent intellectual, political scientist and journalist, specialist in the media and author of numerous books, including The Tyranny of Communication and One Hundred Hours with Fidel. I identify early the phenomenon of neoliberal globalization, I launch the idea of ​​the creation of the alglobalist organization.
The world is on its way to suffering its worst nightmare since 1929. Dark times are approaching. The hurricane of financial speculation has taken a quarter of the world's virtual wealth ahead and everything indicates that we are heading towards a Great Depression. The dogma of the infallible market has self-destroyed: factory closures, unemployment, increasing poverty, social protests and the dangers of xenophobic outbreaks.
This crisis represents a historical moment. The economic hegemony of the United States is weakened: the center of gravity of the world moves from the West to the East.
For this reason, it is necessary to refound a new economic system more just and more democratic. Create global structures that put first the needs of citizens, that respect and promote human rights, social justice and environmental balance. If not, once again, the towns will pay the bill.
In Venezuela it was raised more than 20 years ago at the beginning of the Venezuelan revolutionary process, to look for alternative mechanisms to the domination of the International Monetary Fund, and they initiated an early break with its mechanisms of tutelage, imposition, supervision and economic governance of our country. President Chavez on May 1, 2007 announced the intention to terminate the IMF and the World Bank, institutions qualified by the president of domination mechanisms to exploit poor countries. This process of rupture began early in 2000 and deepened With great force from the defeat of the coup d'etat of 2002 and the plot and conspiracies of the year 2003. In 2004 is when it arises within the national strategy, several elements of an economic policy that have led us today to be a country stronger, more independent, more solid and be in a greater capacity to face, resist and overcome this BIG FINANCIAL CRISIS CREATED AND CAUSED BY THE UNITED STATES.


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