It is clear that with the internet, mobile phones and social networks came a revolution. We are still deciding if this has benefited us, or on the contrary we have fallen into a kind of mental lethargy.
Experts have raised the same question that we all ask ourselves and that is why they have been analyzing the evolution of the intellectual quotient for years, and we have to say that the results do not speak in our favor.
Since the twentieth century statistics have been confirming the increase in human intelligence, it is what is known as the Flynn effect. In 1980 the New Zealand political researcher James R. Flynn compiled the results of the intelligence tests of 35 countries to conclude that the IC increased an average of 3 points every 10 years
A better diet, fewer children, which would allow more time to dedicate and develop or a more complex environment that would stimulate intelligence could be some of the causes of this evolution.
On the contrary, in 2004 different researchers gave the alarm about what could be the end of the Flynn effect. After a peak in the 90s, researchers from the University of Oslo observed the growth rate of the intellectual quotient index, and not only, but even began to observe its decline.
They are not the only ones, that same year, psychologists from the University of South Adelaide, in Australia, published the results of 20 years of research on the subject - with children aged 6 to 13 years - to conclude that the IQ It had stopped growing between 1981 and 2001 and there was even a break in processing speed.
What is this about?
On the one hand there is what is known as dysgenic theory. This hypothesis argues that the most intelligent and educated people usually have fewer children, which would end up affecting the general level of intelligence statistically.
On the other hand, experts from the University of Michigan argue that the decline in intelligence is due to environmental factors and not to dysgenic inheritance. This group of psychologists compared the intellectual quotient of siblings born in different years, to verify that the differences in the results were significant. His theory holds that digital technology controls our time, which leaves no room for free thinking or creativity.
We consume a culture of using and throwing, and this ends up being reflected in our ability to solve problems, in our state of consciousness and minimum attention, in our selection of information and in the formation of critical thinking. In our hand is.



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Yes... people are in increasing numbers brainwashed and not taught critical thinking and logic... instead... people are only trained for a job, in order to be exploited, to give their best years of their live, to work for some capitalist, for as long as they are useful to the capitalist.
   11mo ago