Hello friends of Yours.org in this opportunity I want to talk to you about something that we invest many hours of our time, as are the conversations by whatsapp, facebook, instagram, telegram, among others in which we use the well known "emojis" for represent the emotions that we want to transmit to the interlocutors. We also use them to refer to a particular situation or circumstance. However, we have to admit that we use a few because we do not know the meaning of the majority.
There are hundreds of emoticons, and the difference between the meaning of them can be very subtle. For that reason, the use of these ingenious images that say more than a thousand words has become a true art. At times when a person does not find the right words to communicate what they feel or think, they can select emojis that reflect their intention. The best way to express the greatest of sorrows is by showing a red heart broken in half.

It is an echo how much in some circumstances the conversation facilitates the use of an "emojis" that has a humorous sense or a sense of flirtation. Netizens know that without emoticons we would have to search for and use words that sometimes are not enough to manifest a certain emotion.
They are of Japanese nationality and were born in 1998 to be included in the mobile SMS. The Unicode standard is the universal standard for character encoding, and since 2010 it has included emoticons in a common system that can be used by all platforms, devices and applications.

Soon a new list of emoticons will be published. The process of selecting the images is truly rigorous. The Unicode Consortium will approve in the first months of 2018 the list of unknown "emojis": Then, Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook ... will design their own versions, and will make them available to users. For now, everything is in beta, and only available to developers. So we have to wait to have them as a very important part of our whatsapp conversations. I advance that include "emojis" with various physical specifications that will allow us to represent any human typology. We will also have an "emojis" with a superhero cape, and another with a party cap.



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