Humans should be grateful for the pleasure of life. Including being able to enjoy delicious coffee. This is my writing about yesterday's coffee experience.
This story began when I ordered an ojek online from home on Jalan Cikini I, Menteng, Central Jakarta to Neo Hotel in Jalan Tendean, South Jakarta.
From outside the Neo hotel, we can see the name of the restaurant and cafe. There is a Clay Resto that provides food. While X Coffee is a destination for those of us who love coffee. X Coffee provides a favorite menu consisting of Choco Run, Matcha Coffee, Banana Choco, Mango Choco and snacks such as Roti Bakar.
X Coffee is quite simple. Small but special. I forgot to ask the name of the beautiful girl who made coffee for me. However, the smile from the girl always remembered in my mind. Hahahahaha.
The interior of X Coffe is quite strange. There is a mathematical or physics formula on the X Coffee wall. Even in my order cup. Maybe the formula has its own meaning. For me, the brown coffee on the table has given color to a beautiful afternoon.


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Please write stories about people in Indonesia using BCH in exchange for goods and services. i.e. money. Convince someone to accept BCH in payment and write a story about it.
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Next time, sir. In my planning, im want write about Indonesia Yours Community.
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Congratulations to Jakarta for a great Asian Games!
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