The Blockchain ecosystem continues to strengthen in Venezuela and provide new alternatives to citizens with cutting-edge payment mechanisms and deflationary options. The first Bitcoin and Dash ATM was installed in the Traki store, which it markets with cryptoactives, after a joint effort between the exchange house of Venezuelan cryptoactive exchange (Twenty) and Criptotraki.
This is a pilot test that will be carried out in the store and will be one way, only to buy crypto through dollars, with a view to incorporating other bidirectional ones in a second phase where cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold in exchange for Dollars and Euros.
The operators are doing the latest tests and as of this Friday, October 4 will be operational for the use of those who want to take advantage of the technology.
How to buy cryptocurrencies at the cashier?
In just four steps, people can buy their cryptocurrencies and store them in their virtual wallet (Wallet):
1) Select the currency you wish to acquire.
2) Scan the QR code of your wallet.
3) Place the cash in the machine.
4) send the acquired cryptocurrencies to your Wallet and go.
A step forward in the use of crypto
After the installation of the device, the CEO of CriptoTraki, Maiker Gómez, stressed that this first crypto cashier in Venezuela represents a historic breakthrough in the issue of adoption of cryptocurrency use:
“It is a gigantic step, because it is a much faster process to acquire cryptocurrencies here in Venezuela. They can be a safeguard against the devaluation of the Venezuelan currency and you can also use it as a form of payment ».
He said they are working in a few points of sale with cards that work with NFC.
Almost 5500 Crypto ATMs worldwide


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