They were told that they were, that they were welcome, that they would accept them without a visa, without papers, that they would forget the apostille, that they would recognize their university degrees, even if they were chimbos, that they were in a squat, that they would welcome them, that there were a very cool UNHCR tents, that from there to the Earthly Paradise, that there is a realero, that rains Iphones, sushi, Nutella, come ...
Come that the "Venezuelan diaspora", that the world looks at it, that Venezuela is sinking, blames Maduro and the Venezuelans flee on foot.
Come barefoot brothers, here we will receive you with humanitarian aid, with Angelina Jolie. Come and cry, photo, photo, flash, flash ...
You have to leave because you earn dollars there. Take the account of a minimum Peruvian salary to the parallel dollar and say can you imagine that realero? Imagine that instead of 300 pesos, soles or whatever, you will win several hundred thousand bolivars; that gasoline, electricity, water, gas and the internet will be practically free, as happens in the country where you have to flee.
That the world is going to eat there, because in the world they don't know the arepas, the tequeños, or the patacones and they don't know how to dance salsa with Venezuelan flavor ... they will see.
That you come to Chile, that I help you, my pana, that you come and live together, with my brother, my sister-in-law, my two nephews and I, that we need some more so that the rent is more “payable”, you know , that here is very cool, but yes, here you have to work, not like that beautiful communist who wants to live with only eight hours of work, carnival, Easter, patriotic days and maternity leave. No sir.
Aha, well done! The international community is already realizing that a crowd is leaving and the US and Europe are sending millions of dollars to help the "diaspora."
I am a diaspora! ”Gabi Arellano said and bought a huge apartment in Bogotá. Luis Florido spent a few days in Cúcuta and $ 6 million was taken. Julio Borges warns the world that Venezuelans are a contagious disease, and he does not say it for Arellano and Florido, but for those who looking for the golden dollar go to Peru, Colombia, Ecuador ...
Angelina cries hugging a skinny Venezuelan who turned out to be Colombian. He cries and wonders if that little boy will also be contagious, it's not going to be that Angelina is full of hives and all those ugly things that Venezuelans infect ...
Some were, initially awarded by Popular Will, then by pure low self-esteem, to pity the buses or the Metro, in Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima, anywhere they could cry at all gañote, dressed in seven-star flag , blaming the Maduro government for all its misfortunes, which in the end were less unfortunate than those suffered by other passengers who patiently have to stall the litany. And woe to the one who dares to question the crying !, because he will then know the guarimbera fury that we have suffered. And trying to pity end up giving rage and xenophobia always so easy combustion that it does not even need spark, with spark it becomes an international phenomenon.
How ugly are Peruvians, Chileans, Ecuadorians. What Indians they are! That the most beautiful women in the world are from Venezuela, "culiaos", that our doctors are a thousand times better prepared than Chilean, Peruvian, Colombian, Spanish doctors ... who graduate without knowing how to give an injection.
That of beaches we can give you lessons, that the whitest, the bluest, the most perfect are in my country. That the rumbas are the Venezuelans, that the best jokes are Venezuelans too ... And let's not talk about the weather, crazy, because our weather kicks their asses a thousand times, damn Chilean cold that will kill me ...
That I say it on my social networks because I feel like it, so everyone knows that Venezuelans are the best in the world and not like this shit here. Another point for xenophobia that, I insist, without phosphorus and gasoline was already burning.
And the means fire, fire fire; because for the war plan designed in the Pentagon to work, it is necessary to make world public opinion understand that Venezuelans are not people, that we are evil, that we are a danger, that we are a “contagious disease”, remember, that each Venezuelan He crosses the border with a backpack loaded with bad hands. That even the best of Venezuelans, the most honest, the most kind, does not work because it comes to take away our work, so there is no good Venezuelan. Then, suddenly, Venezuelans become bad news.
There is no good Venezuelan, says Lenin in Ecuador, exposing all our nationals who went too far to be lynched by the xenophobic rage unleashed in those days by a crime whose author was Venezuelan.
Then there was a diaspora of Venezuelans fleeing with the post of a town rallied for lynching.
And there will have to be rules, said the governments that had opened doors and windows to attract Venezuelans who "fled from the dictatorship." That it will be necessary to pay in dollars to request a visa, that no, that if it comes with a tourist visa you cannot stay, that to your evil dictatorship you have to return, that we do not accept pelagatos, that investment capital is needed to stay. That the country of crowds fills us, and with our crowd we have, understand.
And they closed all windows doors, not having a media party with those who stayed halfway, in the middle of nowhere.
And the diaspora doesn't talk anymore ... until you have to talk again, of course.
And there, in the winter of the South, past the emotion of the newcomer, permeated by the harsh reality of capitalism to which they fled for having to break the "hell" of living here; they check on the Facebook of relatives and friends that they stayed something horrible that is happening to us, to console themselves and convince themselves that they made the best decision. And the remedy is worse than the disease.
It turns out we are still living, turning years, going to the beach, getting married, having babies, working and, the most irresponsible, even publish happy photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. "My family even eats Pepitos" - said one who, dead of cold in Viña, could not believe such a relaxation.
They do not understand how it is possible for us to live, when everyone knows that you cannot live in this country.
It is not possible because they, who work 14 hours a day, from Monday to Monday, cannot even dream of going to the beach, and we almost go every Saturday to take a dip. It is not possible that people are willing to stay in Venezuela and, incidentally, to remain happy.
They can't do it! ... and they do it, damn it! That has to be scoundrel, period!
"That is why Venezuela does not come down - writes one in an Instagram photo where it comes out of the cold with its Burger King uniform for conformity, because people do not want to work, because if you want something you have to sweat to to have it, because I try hard, because I don't sleep, because I don't go out, because I don't waste time on beaches or in rumbas, because I work, yes, to be able to live as I deserve. He tops his self-comfort with a chacumbelic - everyone has what he deserves. ”
"Everyone has what they deserve," until they discover the relief of knowing that they can always come back.


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