I tell you friends, that this was my first trip alone, totally alone, it turns out that I live in Tàchira a small part of the Venezuelan Andes, and the place where I travel is called Mèrida and it is about 5 or 6 hours from where I I live, so I grabbed my bags and went to look for an adventure, the truth is that I was very scared since the buses in my country are not very safe and many times they get damaged halfway, luckily nothing happened and I arrived safely at my destination, where a friend received me with his family and they were very kind as is the custom of the Andean. I tell you a little about Mèrida, Mérida is one of the main towns of the Venezuelan Andes. It is located on a plateau in the middle of the region, between the mountain ranges of La Culata and Nevada and the homonymous national parks, this geographical condition positions it as an important tourist center. Likewise, the prestige of its main university and the vast variety of educational institutes have placed it at a national level as a favorite destination for tourism and the student population. It has a culture, rich and diverse cuisine, is an important sports center and has a remarkable handicraft development. It has a subtropical climate with moderate temperatures due to the geographical situation of this city within the Andean mountain range, and its high altitude. In the surrounding areas and mountains, above the meters of altitude the climate is temperate of mountain. Founded in 1558, Santiago de los Caballeros de Mérida is currently a beautiful city surrounded by imposing mountains, with a colonial center of singular beauty, colorful parks of great greenery and the most outstanding, its people cordial, friendly and hospitable, They do honor to his name.
The city center is surrounded by colonial buildings of which stand out the Archbishop's Palace, the Government Palace, the headquarters of the University of the Andes and the Cathedral, definitely one of the most beautiful in Venezuela. Mérida is a student city, with one of the most traditional universities in the country and the second oldest. The University of the Andes, better known as the ULA, has been the alma mater of famous personalities of both the region and the national life. The city has a diversity of beautiful squares, among which stand out the Plaza Bolivar, which has the oldest bust of the Liberator in the country and the Beethoven Square, in honor of the great German composer Mérida has multiple attractions for all ages. Many of them require 4 or 5 hours and must be planned in advance. This means that it can take up to a full week in Mérida to enjoy the city to the fullest. Mérida counts among its attractions with the highest cable car in the world that takes it to the Espejo peak at 4765 meters, just a few meters below Mont Blanc, the highest point in the Alps. and here begins my adventure in the highest cable car in the world I hope you like it ...! before getting on the wagons to start climbing we have a view like this. I will show you all the way to the mirror peak, which is the last station
In one of the stations there are paths where you can walk and take pictures with nature...


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