It was a very cold night, we all slept in the LightCat family's house. In the street you could only hear the wind running and the water hitting the windows and the doors of the houses. The whole family was already in bed, the babies dreaming dreams of milk and honey and their mother because of the tiredness of the days spent watching their little cayo in a deep sleep. No one noticed that the window of the house was left open.

The peace of the dawn was interrupted by a desperate cry. "The children!" Said Sushi. I jumped out of bed as fast as I could and went to the little boys' room, a couple of delicate jumps. I came to the bedroom, running into a scene, El güero, my little güero, already on the floor with a dagger Neck and my little Panquesito in the hands of the assassin about to end up like him. Throw me furiously over the murderer of my children with only one weapon but my claws. The fight lasted for seconds but seemed hours, I was exhausted and in pain the blows of my attacker were very accurate, her thirst for blood felt in the environment, with the few forces that remained I could submit and cornered the wall, I just want to kill her, I take my baby away, my claws fit into her body, I was entering a frenzy. My injuries no longer mattered to me, my heart ached for my baby, that being had killed my son, I had not noticed that my children looked at me frightened, I had become a blood-thirsty monster, I brake ... That error - I told myself. The assassin took the opportunity to push me and go to the window and run across the street.


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