The silence of the dawn was dimmed by the steps of the murderer, he was running out of places to hide.
The Brothers pursued him closely to the aggressor, the smell of the murderer was stronger and stronger with each step they took. Bandido the greatest of the brothers, a white cat with black, and a veteran, belonging to the tribe of assassins, directed his brother the youngest of the three, a white cat with orange of green eyes belonging to the tribe of The wise. They say that very few are born so, for the family it is a privilege that one of your children belongs to that tribe.

Brother, be careful we do not know what we are facing-Bandido said- With peace Milo nodded his head, I know I'm not fit to fight but this will not stay like this, I'll give the best of me -Comment Milo-
Just do not die seeing yourself better than I please-Bandido said mockingly-
Meanwhile in the house, El Panquesito was torn between life and death, the father cleaned the little boy's wounds, they were deep, the murderer had not only caught him by the neck but had embedded his teeth in it, hurting parts Vital Papa you have to save my little one, you have everything you can- said Sushi terrified- Quiet daughter, your mother and I are doing everything we can, now, it just depends on it, go with your little ones and try to calm them down.
The mother was disconsolate, could only embrace her husband and let loose to cry. In that, the brothers had found the aggressor, the clash of their claws rumbled round, Bandido roared and beat, which the assassin dodged very easily even though he was seriously injured. The younger brother was positioned to throw a pair of saurin seeds while his brother distracted him, it was a success the stratagem the seeds hit his enemy sprouting vines that were attached to his body and rooted to the floor. Bandido took the opportunity to give the final blow and end the threat. The murderer's clothes fell slowly to the ground along with the pieces of saurin's vines, Fail? Damn it was a sure hit where that damn is "said angry Bandido. Up brother, shout Milo.

It can not be ... it's an infamous, Milo made you backwards do not get into this! Bandido said in what his claws turned a silver color. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



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