He had heard only stories about the tribe of murderers, proud, lonely, and cold warriors. Loyal to the great mother, my brother was in front of my protege of that infamous, he did not understand it well, but our father said that the infamous were cats that were expelled from their tribe and that was the maximum in our society.
Becoming an infamous one was dishonor and you could never return with your own. Many of them were grouped in the citadel of death a huge cemetery where the light did not dwell. A heartbreaking scream brought me back to the battle, my brother's claws assaulted many fury blows on the infamous, being able to corner him towards the wall throwing the trash cans and many boxes that were around, the rumble was impressive.
My brother stared at the infamous, a thirst for blood emanating from him, I could not believe it, that was not my brother, where my brother was. In that my brother's eyes turned a brighter blue ... impossible the ... lux ocularis. He's serious.
It is impossible is only a legend the lux ocularis, and much less my brother can have it. "Said Milo terrified- Bandido threw himself like lightning at his enemy, dodging several of the blows he was given, stopping the last with his bare paw, the infamous one for the first time was frightened and trembling with fear. I throw furious at his neck squeezing little by little harder, I'm enjoying it ... this damn has to pay what he did to our brother ... in that, a female voice is heard saying, they have to die, carry My blood, I was sent to kill them. Thank you I see more clearly ... protect my babies ... his neck broke after that and I suddenly fall on the floor. It was his ... mother! Bandido said
At home on the other hand, the panquesito resisted but it was too late, his body was very weak, and the injuries caused by the murderer accelerated the process ... A few hours of continuous struggle dies, leaving a great pain in the House and all the inhabitants of it.


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