Carl Gustav Jung, the most advanced disciple and collaborator of Sigmund Freud, although they ended up distanced, wrote in the prologue of the book "I Ching. The book of mutations." by Richard Wilhelm, the following: "The irrational plethora of life has taught me never to discard anything, even when it goes against all our theories (of such brief endurance at best) or does not admit any immediate explanation. This, of course, is disturbing, and one does not know for sure if the compass is pointing well or not, but security, certainty and peace do not lead to discoveries. " Jung, a scientist, had no ambitions to comment on a Chinese method, the I Ching, whose antiquity is lost in the centuries and whose origin is, by far, very imprecise. But what does this book have that makes it so special? The knowledge accumulated also in centuries, emerged from the science of observation, the oldest in history. Jung may be accused of pro-Nazi or being the agent 488 of the CIA, sorry for him, but his scientific contributions are undeniable.
To observe is, in effect, the oldest science. Observing, our Indians discovered that the bite of ants placed on the belly of the pregnant woman accelerated labor. Centuries later, the criminal pharmaceutical industry patented (that is, stole) that as Pitosid, putting a price on indigenous ancestral knowledge. Likewise, our country people, here and everywhere, have managed to know exactly what the planting cycles are from their relationship with "the moons." There is science there.
The social phenomena, so studied in history, also have the ability to succeed in their forecasts. They are, in fact, more precise in their aim. And the more knowledge revolves within society, the more information exchange there is, the greater the success quality of societies. I believe, without doubting and against other opinions, that the century we live, so intense and violent in technological changes, will also be the century of the awakening of a new humanity and a new rationality driven, fundamentally, by the people and their knowledge, your science
Venezuela and its people, in that sense, we are today avant-garde in the world. Hence, imperialism classifies us as a "threat." Hence, point us as a danger to the security of the United States. We really are. The "western" world headed by Trump has a terrible fear that the unusual and the extraordinary become the norm and no exception. Can you imagine the world with 20 "Venezuelas"? There we go.
These days, in national chain, President Nicolás Maduro threw a straight line of 100 miles. He did it in an event with spokespersons and spokespersons of Communal and Communal Councils. The Popular Power "Do not be silenced by anyone!" Was the expression, before the confession (or complaint) of a spokeswoman who was told "Do not make requests", euphemism applied by the bureaucratism promoting "security, certainty and peace ", to distance the village leader," Son of a cat, mouse hunt. " Son of Chavez, encourage the People. The day that these people lose their irreverence, which seems to be the purpose of some and some, will also lose their ability to do science, to discover new things, to make a Revolution.


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