As is known, the functions of the State correspond to health services, protection of public order, life and property of citizens. As well as, also address the problems of education, culture and the protection of national borders.

The state in general to carry out its financial activity must antender its internal functioning through projects of modernization of its administrative processes that facilitate decision-making, Simultaneously, it must undertake construction, maintenance of works and fiscal stimulus to economic sectors that so require.

They should create an organization to be able to conduct harmony between the sectors of society, entrepreneurs.

The non-participation of the communities leads to their demobilization and allows others to solve their problems. In the teaching centers there are students who hope to solve their problems. The unions demotivate their members by generating false promises, while they negotiate their backs The custom is creating social behavior that paralyzes the political and intellectual action of the population

The institutions formed people for passivity, they did not teach people to produce through work well-being and happiness or to attend to the solution of their problems. People are educated so that they do not make decisions about their realities and not participate in the process of making their stories with actions and mobilizations

We have a great mission and is to achieve the transformation of our society is necessary to make capital a source of wealth for the population with the prospect of growing and making the country a medium-range power with a self-sustaining economy and complementary to the rest of the world .

Although it is an echo that also the State or the government must strengthen to fulfill its functions. Reorienting the allocation of resources towards social projects that curb poverty and attack its structural character, as well as the social model that reproduces it.

Finally, we must fight to achieve a behavior that strengthens the importance of work as a generator of wellbeing and progress.

Education is needed for productive work.


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