Hello Community, I'm here on the recommendation of a good friend of mine and I want to introduce myself, for you to know my life and what I do. My name is Rosdyleidys Muñoz, I'm 23 years old and right now I live in Venezuela.
My love for arts was born when I was a litte kid, I believe that through the art the perspective of things could change and it can show the best of each individual.
I have an endless desire to help others and that including animals, right now I try to do the best I can. I'm an Animal Rights activist, I really love animals. I firmly believe that art has a plethora of attributes and it perfectly encompasses the concept of love, the concept of helping others, the inspiration and the aspirations that each human being has.
That's why I try to enjoy every moment, and to always give others a smile even if I'm going through a rough time. Since I was little I always wanted to draw in big formats and to learn more about it, however fine arts never were appreciated the way they should be in my country, so at the beggining of my art studies there were situations that made me stop my aspirations for a while. Despite of all of this I kept trying to draw by myself until the doodles were more than just doodles and they finally got a meaning and a reason.
One day a friend came up with the idea of daring each other to make drawings that we found individually difficult to make. I mean, she would pick a picture for me and I had to draw it in a limited time. And I would do the same for her. From that moment I started to get better with my drawings because that little game took me out of my comfort zone.
Currently I felt obligated to stop my Art studies because of the hard situation of my country, however I keep trying to improve my abilities and be better at helping others.
I really hope you like my work.
¡Thank you very much!



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