The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) project have given a renewed faith and hope to be able to continue the legacy of Bitcoin, of what it has set out to be originally: Peer-to-Peer cash, and sound money for the entire world.
The Internet remembers, and the faithful Bitcoiners remember: Before the Lambos, before the 1k price, before Bitcoin started to attract all the less-that-idealistic people jumping on a gravy-train of monetary gains... Bitcoin had a purpose.
Bitcoin was for everyone. Bitcoin was to save everyone from fiat, from inflation, from money confiscation, from government abuse, from financial restrictions. Bitcoin was the thing that people living in the most vulnerable and corrupt countries would be able to trust in.
Something truly global and secure.
Unfortunately, some of the key players in the BTC Bitcoin development scene, perhaps by the influence of their employer Blocksteam, ended up forgetting all that. They turned a blind eye on everything that was at the core of what was important about Bitcoin.
Let's hear it straight from the horse's mouth:
Samson Mow is the Chief Strategy Officer of Blockstream, a company that has been paying Bitcoin Core devs since 2014.
With this terrible stance on the worth of human life, it is no wonder that BTC Bitcoin has become impossible to use for micro-transactions and small amounts.
With BTC Bitcoin, even at "low" traffic (right now at time of publishing, about $2.50 per transaction, while last year's peak fees were around $100 dollars and up) it could never be the money for the majority of the world: The majority of the world live on less than $10 dollars a day.
Bitcoin Cash however, solves this, by doing the sensible thing and increasing blocksize limit right away to 8MB from its inception in Aug 2017.* (See notes in extra section for explanation of blocksize limit). With a bigger blocksize, Bitcoin Cash has comfortably been able to handle low-fee transactions because there is ongoing traffic and transactions manages to fit inside the current 8mb sized blocks, and hence no fee-market can develop (where people try to outbid each other for faster transactions by manually setting higher fees). People can currently use Bitcoin Cash at its minimal fee (1 satoshi per byte), which means a normal transaction, which costs about 1-3 satoshis, is in the sub-cent range: Meaning Bitcoin Cash transactions cost less than a cent, $0.00!
Hence Bitcoin, in its transformed and re-energised Bitcoin Cash form, is the Superman or SuperBitcoin, that saves the day.
Today, I ended up crying when I found this on Twitter:
This small initiative, "EatBCH", appears to have been started by a few Venuezuelans with one goal in mind: To help their neighbours, their community, their fellow Venuezulans eat. I can't even not cry when I write this.
To read how thankful they were with the generosity that afforded them to cook 40 arepas, 40 meals to give to their community, to see their pictures of giving such a simple but needed gift... It just made me see how broken the world is. This is what Bitcoin could have prevented. What kind of country or people should live with the instability of hyper-inflating money? Where was this concern when BTC Bitcoin developers decided to *NOT* increase the blocksize?
With Bitcoin Cash (BCH) today, we can send them money.
I gave them my tips from my Tipprbot account.
It had been easy and fun, but also frivolous to use Tipprbot on Twitter between only ourselves in the BCH community. We sent tips as ways to show appreciation, show our gratitude for posts, and for the people who shared and encouraged dialogue in the Bitcoin Cash community, but it was nothing compared to what it is for Venezuelans.
It's nothing to many of us, these dollars, and things. And it all didn't make sense if they couldn't eat. I felt like it was so little i could do and I wish they could live in a system that wasn't that way. All I could think about was hoping that some people there will live through this and find themselves in a better future.
I had resisted writing for a long time. I never had time, a problem for many of us in this hectic and numbing world. To be too busy to feel, to live inside a little bubble. But it hit me so hard and so sudden. Poverty has always been there, but now we are much closer to be able to solve it: We have a monetary system that could save them.
And yet, it's so hard to make people care. I talk to people in everyday life sometimes about cryptocurrency, and the only thing that comes up from them is price. I felt sad and disappointed by that, and have been for a long time.
And I'm sure I'm not the only one, but if I don't write this, who will?
Because how much longer will people just post price charts on Twitter without speaking about what Bitcoin can bring? It's been too long. I got tired of it, maybe it was my breaking point: Seeing how much so little money can do, in this really practical way. EatBCH... just eat with your BCH. One person's trading or investments or nest-funds, are just extra money, which for someone else, is food money. When you can see someone's life down at the level where they are just trying to survive, and they are still trying to help other people survive, it cleans your soul a bit. You can wash it with your own tears and hope you are anywhere as kind and generous as people can still be, when they have almost nothing.
To at least contemplate about what I want to do in this world and what kind of world I want to see, and what kind of world I want to help build, is priceless.
And I want to thank the people that make it so much easier to give: @r0bbot for making @tipprbot, the bestest bot on Twitter, the one that helps us deliver $BCH to anyone through a tweet. @MadinMelbourne for ambushing me with the crazy Jeepney plan, all the way from from the other side of the world. With the touch of my screen, I'm helping to spread Bitcoin Cash via a stake in a super colourful bus that is gonna drive around Manila, @BCHjeepney, I love your ideas! @cointext @vinarmani @countermarkets, now people can text their family and loved ones some Bitcoin Cash. To @ProfFaustus and @nChainGlobal, thanks for sharing your research, and to all the people who develop Bitcoin Cash in some way or form that makes it truly possible now to help and save people. Thankyou.
~ Reina ~
Extra section contains: For new people to the scene, some paragraphs to explain the blocksize limit, the difference it makes between BTC and BCH Bitcoin Cash, explaining blocks and how transactions are written into the blockchain. Bonus: The Bitcoin BTC & Bitcoin Cash naming and synonymous names you will find.


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Great post. But some wallets, for example very popular jaxx wallet, charges to high tx fees. You can change between fast, normal and slow ( not recommended). Normal fee costs 200 Satoshi per byte (0,54 $ per transaction)!

   2yr ago
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Thanks for the mention Reina, PLEASE continue to write.
Non technical posts explaining accounts of what happened need to be documented, for historical purposes.
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Thanks Reina, do keep writing!
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This is a really great article. Thanks a lot for posting. Tipped $50.00.
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@Telesfor It's probably time people stop using Jaxx, until they improve then. The "slow" option is the one you want to choose regardless of recommendation if you keep using it anyway, since fees all the way down to a cent doesn't actually make your tx confirm any "slower" on BCH. Jaxx is using BTC logic on BCH.
   2yr ago