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The market was full of people, but no one even looked at him. He couldn’t even juggle more than four balls, and yet it was what he did best. They kept falling to the ground. Sometimes someone pointed and laughed, and walked away.
Three town guards came walking out between the stands.
-Hello, young man, said the officer in charge. -You can’t juggle here.
-No buts! I’ll let you off the hook this time, but if I see you juggle those balls here in town again, I’ll take them.
Jerome left, and he hadn’t earned a penny. He found some passed fruit and left over bread in the garbage and walked down the river out of town. The full moon made the landscape shine, but he walked with his head low. All he ever wanted was to travel and juggle, and he couldn’t even do it right.
He always had a hard time falling asleep during full moon, and lie awake for a long time. He heard a sound. Something fell to the ground nearby. He looked up. There was a strange white light coming from the bushes. He got up, walked over. There was something there, a glowing ball. He picked it up. It looked like an exactly the moon. He looked up at the sky, just to make sure. The moon was still there.
It was astonishing, like holding the moon in his hand. He threw it in the air. It moved in a strange way, like it was defying gravity. Jerome felt like a child, never had he seen anything like this.
He got his bean sacks out of his bag, started juggling them with the new ball. They were all acting different, as if the moon ball was controling their movements. They made strange loops and jumps in the air. He went to sleep with his new ball under his blanket.
The next day he went into town again. There were more people today, he was hoping today could be better.
He positioned himself in a corner of the market. He started out with three balls, two of his old ones and the new. He was doing tricks he'd never even thought of. His hands felt lighter than ever, they moved faster. It was like he didn’t have to do anything at all, everything moved by itself. He threw up another ball. And then the fifth.
He was juggling five balls like he’d never juggled before, even with three. He was throwing them behind his back, between his hands, round in circles.
-Look! A man said.
-Wow! Said another.
People were clapping and cheering, laughing and shouting, throwing him coins. A lot of coins.
The soldiers from the day before appeared.
-I told you you can’t juggle here. The officer turned to his men. -Get his stuff and take him to the office!
-Let him juggle! One of the women in the crowd said. -We want to see!
-Let him continue! He’s great!
-King’s orders are… The officer started.
-Buuu! Fuck the king!
-Yeah! The king sucks! Fuck him!
-Hey! You can’t insult the…
An apple came flying from somewhere in the crowd, hit the officer in the face.
A tomato followed. Then a rock. Soon it was raining fruits, rocks and other objects. A couple of men picked up sticks from the ground. The soldiers ran away from the angry mob.
Jerome got out of there. As he left town he could hear the rebellion extend behind the town walls. Further down the road a farmer came by on his ox wagon. Jerome gave him one of his many coins to take him down south.
He was quite sure his luck had changed.

On the other side of the paywall you can read the second part of the story, The King's Desire. It has another illustration.
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