Your home is where you are happy!!
Regardless of where you are from, I think that happiness determines where you are from, because many people feel more identified with other cultures than with their own or they will always have their culture and share it around the world. Many times conflicts in countries create waves of xenophobia, the truth is that human rights are not only for some, but for the entire planet, we all have the right to life, health, education to cultural diversity, my country Venezuela is going through Because of a serious crisis created by conflicts and external blockades from strong countries that only want to see us wrong, and many of my compatriots are being treated very badly in neighboring countries, of course the Venezuelan must understand that everywhere there are rules and norms that must be met. , but it hurts me in the soul that out of nowhere countries where people are going out of necessity, put obstacles to enter, as in the case of Peru and now Chile demanding a visa for tourism to all Venezuelans who enter leaving hundreds of people stuck in border.
Of course, the regulations that govern a country are important, and we must be participants in them; But the situation on the borders is happening because the decree has suddenly come as a surprise to many who were in transit to Chile. With this I only want to make people understand, we go to other countries only in search of new opportunities, since Venezuela was a beautiful country which now due to economic blockades has fallen a bit, being the fault of countries like the United States and Colombia. , but in which even even practically in ashes remain remains of that power that was once:
We are a country that welcomed thousands of foreigners: Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians, Arabs, among others; Many came looking for an opportunity in this country, they were fleeing from the war, from the crisis, and Venezuela accepted them not as foreigners; but as part of their society; we adapt to have a Spanish neighbor, to go to the bakery of "Portu" (Portuguese), we will buy some furniture where the Arabic and then we eat in the Italian restaurant. They started, they stayed and today they feel more Venezuelan than even their nationality of birth, to this I mean, nationalities are a simple role. What gives you joy to see again, the place where you have been happy that is your home, and Venezuela for many it was.
Nobody flees from their country because they want to leave and less with no money and few belongings, the struggle of mass migrations is complex and undoubtedly an internal problem of countries like Venezuela, I think the best help an emigrant can have is to be treated with respect and have opportunities to get a decent job fast, to help develop the country where it comes and to achieve economic stability, all stories are different but all are full of need and broken hearts, it is practically a must . Let's not forget that the world is round; today we are fine as my country once was, but what about tomorrow?


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