Hey guys, am building a new editor for Yours. Let me know your pain points with the old editor [some of them will not be too hard to guess :) ] so we can make a better one this time... Thanks!


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Some of the things we already know about:
  • Maintain compatibility with all existing content.
  • Support image uploads and other types of embedded content uploads (video, audio).
  • Editor does not currently work on Android - need to fix irritating bug.
  • Ability to center align or right align paragraphs.
  • Bugs with lists.
  • Ability to save drafts.
We also have an extensive list from TheDailyDimes which we deeply appreciate with many issues with the editor that we plan to address :)
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Well it is not about editor, but would be nice, if we can see somewhere the articles we purchased and have option to read them anytime later without searching on the wall or in memory. Thank you.
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