A few years after having started with a new technological era, virtual and linked to the blockchain, there are already in the market with thousands of crypto-active, increasingly attractive platforms and as if that were not enough, monuments that will be part of history, interested in knowing what it is about?
But! Whose monument is it?
If we are fair, to speak of the beginnings of the Blockchain era is to speak about Satoshi Nakamoto, the unknown archie character responsible for the creation of Bitcoin.
We have not been wrong, we are talking about the "unknown file", because at this point there are still theories that tend to the character is kept anonymous and his name is a pseudonym.
That's right! with billions of dollars backed by Bitcoin and without having made so far a single transaction that can verify the identity of the creator of this cryptocurrency.
Although, there are reports that this 64-year-old gentleman is the creator of the crypto-active, who resides in the hills of San Bernardino, around Los Angeles and is Japanese-American nationality.
Apparently, not only has he discovered his age (64 years), number of children (6), but also his university degree (physicist graduated from the Polytechnic University of the State of California), his profession (engineer at Hughes Aircraft and collaborator at secret jobs for the US Army) in addition to his real name, which was changed at the age of 23 years, remaining Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto.
But as we said, they are just theories, because the person responsible for the report received the following response from the Japanese-American:
When Newsweek interrogated him in person, Nakamoto said: "I'm not involved in that anymore and I can not discuss it, it's been passed on to other people, now they're in charge of that.
So! Anonymous or identified? How will the monument then be?
Even if you identify with one of the two theories, the question remains:
What will the monument look like? and where will it be?
To the surprise of all (including us), the monument has several different characteristics: it will be a virtual statue, with robot legs, torso and human heads
Just as you read it, "heads" because they are exactly three, as our central image shows.
The exact location is: Ukrainian capital, specifically between the intersection of Taras Shevchenko Boulevard and Kreschatik Street, just opposite the emblematic Bessarabsky market.
Another of the wonders of this monument is its virtuality, it means that you will not need a camera because in fact you will not find it physically, you can see it through a downloadable application on Android and IOS phones.
Yes !, just as you read it, a statue only visible by means of an application or the use of special glasses.
The same group of Ukrainians who designed the monument designed for virtual reality (VR) was responsible for the development of the application for mobile devices.
If you pay attention to the two images of this post you will see that the statue has a lower part (robotic style), a top part with human features, whose number of faces highlights the difference of genres and races.
With the application you can enjoy the statue in a 360 degree angle and you can even take selfies in front of it.
If you are one of those who look at the details, you will notice that on the back of the statue there is a tattoo, this is the face of Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine.
There are future plans with this RV monuments
Definitely, yes! We will not only count on the advances that this new technological era of the block chain brings, but also the construction of many other monuments in virtual reality (VR).
The plan is to build a network of virtual cities around such statues and finally establish a global "Satoshi Nakamoto Republic".
Remember! the monument can be seen, downloading the application for smart phones (Android and IOS), where you must point to the empty pedestal where Lenin's statue once stood and another of the options is to see it through RA / RV glasses that run the application , after scanning a QR code.
Additionally, other monuments like this one will be created in Hollywood and Florida, without leaving aside the possibility of virtual cities where you, I or anyone interested can become a parcel creditor of land or buildings surprisingly not? And you, what do you think of this idea?



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