Here's another example of how denial has majorly distorted life and the evolution of humanity... It's a pattern that many people are involved with who are otherwise capable people...
To 'ass-u-me' makes an 'ass of u and me' - as has been said many times!
Often it is assumed that we have no choice but to make assumptions - but as you can probably see now that this is being focused into, this assumption about assumption leaves us in a very questionable logical place! What if the assumption about assumption is wrong? What if we do have another choice but to assume? We do.
This post is not specifically about all assumption though, rather it is about a particular form of assumptions that relate to education, science, medicine and health. It is quite common for people to say such things as "We know that x/y/z is true" or "We don't know the answer to x/y/z". They say this as if they are somehow speaking for all of humanity and actually magically know what literally every one of billions of humans collectively know. Obviously, this is not the case - yet this dysfunctional pattern of assumption continues. Why?
As far as I can ascertain, the main cause of this lazy and judgmental thinking is an assumption that when truth is discovered, it always makes it's way into the public domain and therefore, that whatever can be learned from textbooks, universities and other common sources is essentially the absolute leading edge of human understanding. The judgments here are many, but the theme is along the lines of:
scientific researchers are not secretive and they are so honest and the scientific industries/processes are so advanced that we always get to know perfectly, the best possible understandings as a result of looking to these 'voices of authority'. if the world's well known scientific thinkers don't have an answer for something then no-one does.
There are so many flaws in this type of thinking that even now I find it shocking to think that so many are so naive as to believe the logic used here is valid.
Here are a few reasons why this is just plain flawed:

  1. The history of earth is full of examples of intelligent people doing research and then being murdered or blackmailed to have their ideas stolen or worse. As a result, the truly wise people do their research in secret. This has been the case for a very long time on Earth. They do not publicize their work openly usually and so you won't have heard of them (and neither will the mainstream researchers) unless they go off the beaten track.
  2. Following on from point 1 - The high level of corruption in the mainstream research world means that the spiritual balance needed to reach deep understanding is mostly missing there. This gives an additional reason for those with high knowledge not to share it with the mainstream. If an understanding gives access to increased ability, it is the duty of the holder of that knowledge to ensure it is not misused - which it certainly WILL be misused if it gets into the hands of many humans at this time.
  3. Even in cases where researchers do intend to share their work with the world, since it has often been the case that corporate and military groups make rapid moves to take their work and prevent it being publicly disseminated - in some cases they sell out and take high pay to not share their work with the world.
  4. Beyond the realms of typical scientific thinking, there are many researchers and individuals who access information and have skills which do not in any way conform with mainstream paradigms, yet they get results. These ones might not meet the rigid standards of the mainstream researchers for one reason or another - yet their information is sound. It is typical for many lazy and self aggrandizing academics to reject information if it does not tick all their boxes, without even really looking at it. This is just another way that the quality of science in the mainstream is degraded and the 'world authorities' flush their greatness down the toilet.
  5. Many people are simply extremely dishonest. They will say one thing all day long in public, even when held up as being a 'world authority' on a subject - yet behind closed doors they will say something completely different.
In a world where we know very well that huge crimes happen daily, why on Earth would you hold the scientific community to a higher standard and somehow imagine that they simply could not or would not be similarly corrupted? Does integrity somehow manifest automatically with the awarding of a Doctorate certificate? Absolutely not!
The fact is that shamans from the South American region hold great wisdom about many things that only now are they starting to speak about to European minds. Part of why they have held back is because the alleged 'advanced' Europeans came and slaughtered them! Yet here we are, with closed minded Europeans still trying to claim they know best. lol
Humility goes a long way.
Wishing you well.


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Actually, serious top academic cognitive scientists do listen to those shamans and even explore drugs experiences in a pursue to find any clue about how our brains work. Most of what you say about "bad scientific community" is not true. Scientists are incentivized to be right about things. And most of them scarifies their life for learning what other people have already done on a specific topic and push it further.
For example in physics, which is my specialty, the only thing that might hold people back from fighting for what is actually true are religious believes (in cosmology) and being afraid of opening a pandora box like something more deadly than nukes. But there is nothing holding back from saying extremely controversial as long as you can prove it. It's even what most of us dream about, we would love to shock other physicists with something unusual. That's how you get the Nobel price and get forever glory. Unfortunately this is not that easy to prove something to be true.
   2yr ago