Facts have occurred that confuse, how to deny them. The chutzpah of the opposition is not understood by many. Skepticism spreads, enemies deepen, try another blow to the constitution and create sosobra and confusion among us who believe in the revolution.
The moment demands serenity, calm and, at the same time, great firmness, deep analysis, rigor and great courage to detect errors, correct errors, adapt the course. Let's see.
We live a Fifth Generation War, with a fine that, as we have to say, favors the oligarchy. They have managed to tie up the old trick of the bad cop and the good cop. Guaido coiled internationally and his climax moved towards the fascist aggression of January 23. He did his job very well, the threat opened the way to the Terrotist conciliation, so the pact was justified with economic pressure. Exhaustion, speculation and energy crisis.

The latest events can only be understood as the battles of the great Fifth Generation War. The bourgeois have won the preliminary bouts:

  1. Kill Chávez, take us to elections, create turbulence, instability.
  2. To blur socialism, to place it as an inoperative, ineffective whim, to hide differences, to confuse.
  3. The attack to the electrical system, generating dissatisfaction in the population for not having the contact to which we are accustomed.
  4. And more importantly, cover the war situation we live.

In this way, they count on our naivety, with our innocence, the belief that we live in an ideal democracy, where everyone fulfills their role in the best way and all collaborate in the construction of socialism: the work of entrepreneurs, politicians politicize , people wait, military care And so, like in a city of toys, of which children build with legos, everything goes as we imagine. Blindness is fertile ground for defeat.
The moment requires remembering the phrase of the Liberator Simon Bolivar in the Cartagena Manifesto: "The novice soldier believes everything he has lost since he was defeated once, because experience has not shown him that courage, skill and perseverance correct the bad fortune".
Bolivar's teaching becomes valid: they are moments of courage to correct, theoretical capacity to know what must be corrected and perseverance to continue in the struggle, to know that "if you have not lost everything, you have not lost anything", there will always be an opportunity to correct bad luck.
We are in a stellar hour. We have the theory refined by practice, we learn from mistakes, we summon people for the great, we follow the path of socialism, we imitate their courage.
It is important, vital, to stay together, not to open cracks, but to intensify irreverence and loyalty.
I hope you like my publication and I take note that the images were taken from Google.


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Stay strong and united, its the only way you can win against this American puppet Guaido and his so called "rebels'... and you have no choice but to win.
By the way, how is your son... he had the operation? Is he alright?
   4mo ago
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@-ED-Good evening, until you see your message, we are still waiting, it is not because of the surgical material that I have thanks to your help, it has already been a month since my baby's accident and in the hospital the doctors put more obstacles every day. buy anesthesia, ampoule to counteract anesthesia, antibiotics and analgesics until I have everything full, I do not operate it, I am demoralized because in hospitals there are inhuman and corrupt doctors who worry about our health if we do not take advantage of the misfortunes of others We have a Trojan horse within the revolution that ends the hopes of the poor.

   3mo ago