I wanted to do a deep dive on why using op_return transactions via protocols like memo.cash will be one of the definitive killer applications of Bitcoin Cash. There's been a lot of ink on smart contracts and how, in the future, we wont need notaries, most bean counting jobs will be relegated to the block chain, you won't need a lawyer to settle copyright claims etc. etc.. This is all true and awesome but I think there's something much more powerful going on that people haven't quite wrapped their heads around yet.
For the first time ever - you can broadcast any idea you want to the entire world and no individual, corporation or government can stop you from saying it. Speech is very valuable. Single tweets can move markets. I believe that the United States' second amendment exists mainly for the purpose of supporting the First Amendment! If something you say means I'm going to lose money or go to jail, one of my options is to send thugs to your house to shut you up! We've seen this happen recently with Julian Assange. Satoshi was, of course, very smart to stay anonymous. Now we have a modern solution to this David and Goliath problem.
Free speech was supposed to be twitter's killer app. But ever since they incorporated algorithmic feeds it's become routine for them to memory-hole trending ideas that may be unsavory to the establishment. There is now a large body of testimonies and evidence of big-box social media companies openly censoring speech and using dystopian control mechanisms on their platforms. Peer-to-peer speech is apparently extremely dangerous.
I could go on for days with examples of subtle nudging of users into avoiding publishing "wrong think" on their platforms. Corralling the world's population into little thought ghettos. Furthermore, it's feasible that these centralized points of thought control can easily be sold(or even extorted or blackmailed) to the highest bidder.
Imagine for a second that I'm a political dissenter in communist China. What are my options for telling the world about what I'm experiencing? Something that even if I die can't be rolled back and hidden. Twitter/Facebook/Reddit/Youtube? Those, of course, would be banned.
How about political dissent via WeChat?!?!?
Not if you'd like to keep your kidneys!
What about using the op_return section of a bitcoin cash transaction?? With a little ingenuity it can be broadcast anonymously. It's immutable behind an increasingly massive wall of cryptographic proof. Forum sliding is difficult and expensive on memo.cash. Supporters can send you money directly!!!
Satoshi created a really really nice pen. Let's get it into the hands of people who could use a weapon.

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