If you reached this page it probably means Operation Dragonslayer is alreaady happening. Even though you will probably lose some of your wealth short-term, just by finding this site can help you greatly long-term.
WARNING: A friendly advice to crypto users. Word on the street is there's going to be a powerful attack on the Bitcoin network this year. Code name for the attack is "Operation Dragonslayer". Holding large quantities of fiat money or coins on exchanges is not recommended. Untill this is resolved we advise storing your wealth offline.

History of events

2017-01-01 - PRESENT
Pumping Bitcoin on the expense of Bitcoin Cash
1H pumpers
MonaCoin 9.04%
Veritaseum 6.89%
Pura 8.4%
And more ...
7D dumpers

Ethereum -32.78%
Bitcoin Cash -39.37%
Ripple -37.29%
Dash -42.2%
Bitcoin Gold -52.84%
Cardano -42.89%
And more ...
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