Im so tired of not having money I'm sick of this, I'm a 26 years guy living in Venezuela a poor third world country with a comunist goverment rising, the minimum wage you can earn working a lot everyday (10 hrs daily) is equivalent to 50USD per month, With that I can not even eat well, Im so fucking tired of this, I dont deserve this kind of life because I was born in a country with amazing natural paradises, beautiful women, oil, diamonds, gold and more, the citizens of hour homeland dont deserve this misery, that goverment has submerged all the people in poverty, a goverment that insist to divide people with propaganda, im so tired of watch this man Nicolas Maduro talking shit in the TV about how wonderful is the new socialist Venezuela until a LOT of venezuelans die everyday because we dont have medicines, we cant find toilet paper in the supermarkets to clean our asses, is this fair to us people? What this country have become?
There is much hatred among the social classes thanks to the speech the government uses in its propaganda, phrases like "Being rich is bad, it is inhuman. So I say and I condemn the rich "(2005) said by President Hugo Chavez, is not a damn hypocrite? His family is one of the richest in all of Latin America, then he condemned himself and his entire family with his words? I do not know, but I hope it will be, because they ruined my life, there are no more sincere ways of living here, poor people are mostly robbing, selling drugs, kidnapping people among other things, because jobs do not give a Salary to live well, and not only that, the culture of the neighborhoods in Venezuela is totally corrupted, people are not afraid of punishment because in prisons they can carry arms freely, have sex with prostitutes, use drugs freely, really here society Is not afraid of punishment, and that is why the problem we have, the criminal gangs inside the prison are connected to the government and do what they want, have power even to put together a big parade in the city for the death of his partner Of gang, and this began to happen a few years after Hugo Chavez began his socialist project in my country.
This cant be more sad, this is a beautiful country and they dont deserve this kind of people
The years have passed and I have realized that I have 10 years living in paranoia, without being able to go quiet in the street and get my smartphone to send a message to my friend to leave his house because I am outside, I immediately went into tension and before To leave I tell my friend that this slope to not be long in the street because after 7:00 pm night falls, everything becomes incredibly dangerous, people tend to get into their homes early or not to go out more because the Criminals take over the streets, there is no healthy nightlife for a young person, really, I usually get bored a lot, and for some time now they do not perform concerts of any type here, artists do not want to come because it is very dangerous and because people are Very poor to pay the tickets to your events, it is a very difficult situation to live here, it is difficult to get the money and if you get it, it is difficult to get the product you are looking for, simple things like bread, Ilk, among others, you cant find much products in the supermarket because socialist proyect destroyed almost 70% of the productivity in the country, we thought that they would not achieve it but they did !, they made poor to one of the countries more rich in raw material Of the world, and now, we are all going to be poor as the president Hugo Chavez dreamed, a poor nation ...
I hope to leave this mess soon, I just want to have a house, a car and a family, but they are very big dreams for the reality that I am living, sometimes I feel no escape, but I must be strong and keep looking for a way to survive.
Thanks for reading and long live to Yours project hope this can help me survive this situation by giving the best of me.

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