Good morning to the community of and all who read me, today I want to talk a little about what inspires me, what motivates me to write and I think it is very important that we get to know things we like so much that are noticed when we put them in this case on this blog.
The truth has always liked me to write, from a young age, I had never had the opportunity for so many people to read me and this seems a great reason that drives me to improve every day with respect to what I want to convey with each letter. I want to tell you a little about some of the main things that motivate me and how I do it:

The clamor of a land

So I wanted to title my entry, because I mainly focus on my country, I spent this year traveling a bit and transmit through photographs and stories how wonderful this land is # Venezuela every little space is full of amazing people and I'm sure that's the way it is in many places, we do not want to fall into chauvinism but we all love the place where we grew up with fervor and this is part of my inspiration. For me the colors, smells and tastes of my country are a motivation to transmit knowledge and teachings, for me this fervor has become a struggle to put aside such negativity that today covers my country.
As I am a person who enjoys talking about how beautiful and spectacular each corner that I visit my blog practically started or boosted with an entry I made about a town that I love, and every time I visit it again I see new things to see , the entrance was called "Come to know a bit of our land: a paradise between the sea and the mountain" was something like that, for me to tell my experience through photos is very important so every time I do I try to portray most of the moments.
In addition to the tourism and natural wonders of my country, I am inspired by something that I dedicate part of my life to and is the love of nature, caring for the planet, I graduated as an Environmental Engineer last year and I really believe that I have trying to translate teachings about care for the environment in my post, for me this is of vital importance and more when I talk about tourism, in general I have tried to write about what moves me and what I love.
Many of my entries are about music or animation since I like this a lot, I think I'm a big fan and when I write about something I try to focus deeply and take care of the details, and give them a secret I usually listen to music to write, many times the melodies of "Yann Tiersen".
Although I always seek to carry information that generates positivism or teachings, one of the things that has driven me most is the struggle of Venezuela, so I keep up with the news and capture my very personal criticism about political movements and social of my country and how the crisis has destroyed this beautiful land.

Telling the truth

And not the personal truth, the objective truth although it sounds complicated, even though emotions sometimes drive us to move by passions, I believe that the world needs more objectivity, maybe I am not a journalist but I have seen so many silent truths in This country that the edge of injustice has tuned me to tell even if through this blog about what really happens in my country, tell about things that I know and happen in the world and that many times people are silent.
I think that many times we live in an information bubble and much more in Venezuela where the news is covered with lies or just do not count out of fear, maybe this is my way of fighting, to carry a flag that shows those who read me the objective side of what happens in my country, and how the economic, political and social crisis has passed as a devastating hurricane on this land that was once so rich, so full of resources; so much so that many times they were squandered because they "left".
For me to have a critical point of view is very important, I always try to move on topics that call attention and are moments of debate, I think this is a good tip to create good posts or that call attention, but I think that in general is to write things that you really like, that you read and feel your heart set on each letter, not write for writing; Of course, the economic part is something that has motivated so many thousands of Venezuelans that today we are immersed in this platform, looking for a good deal to have good salaries, but let's not leave art aside, some if they really put their time about these post and they put soul to what they write and this really bears fruit.

Love what you do

Since I was very little I have enjoyed writing, traveling and meeting extraordinary places, telling stories and transmitting them to people, I have been motivated by the planet, by making it a better place by taking knowledge that I have been collecting for years, showing that if it can be improved, I am a lover of truth and freedom of expression so this tool has been a great help to me, I have been able to bring many people the reasons that move me, that motivate me and that impel me to be a better person.
I have laughed, I have cried and I have felt a hurricane of feelings many times when I write, I love doing it; deliver each word, each letter is a gift that I love to give, show photos of amazing places where I had the opportunity to be is for me extraordinary, read and share through discussions and comments has been a retro-feeding for me by What I invite those who read me to be as honest as they can when they write, when they tell something, I believe in the importance of giving everything because it shows, I want to continue reading great stories, stories, poems; art exists, and there are people who have devoted their whole lives to doing what they know best with their soul and with their hearts, thanks for reading to those who read me; I promise to continue telling great stories and taking pictures full of colors and stories through


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